TU Delft Online Learning: (Open) licensing MOOCs

Martijn Ouwehand

TU Delft

TU Delft is a strong supporter of Open. Therefor course contents in OpenCourseWare, iTunesU and MOOCs are shared under a Creative Commons license (CC BY NC SA). In 2014, edX provided Delft University of Technology with the opportunity to sublicense its DelftX MOOCs to regions where traditionally acces had been limited; EdRaak would translate DelftX MOOCs to increase access to the Arabic speaking region and XuetangX would do the same for the Mandarin speaking region, in adition overcoming the great Firewall of China. This opportunity also provided a challenge: How can we sublicense DelftX MOOCs (leading to revenue) if (in part) the contents are already available under an open (Creative Commons) license? In this paper and presentation we will share how Delft University of Technology tried to tackle this challenge to experiment with experiments leading to revenue generation while at the same time upholding its open policy.


(Open) Licensing of MOOCs from Open Education Consortium