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The Netherlands is one of the Euro member countries and uses the European currency EURO. Exchange rates can be found here:

Transportation to the city of Delft

The Netherlands is easily accessible by airplane from all parts of the world. Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport ( is one of central hubs for intercontinental as well as for European flights. It is easy to travel from Schiphol to Delft by public transportation ( A direct connection by train takes you from Schiphol to Delft in about 40 minutes. Four trains per hour connect Schiphol and Delft, two direct and two with a stopover. The Central Delft train station is located in the city center, just across the canal from the old city.

In addition to Schiphol International Airport, the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (, is only 15 minutes (12 kilometers) from the center of Delft by taxi. This airport primarily serves European destinations. The Netherlands is also easily reachable from most of Europe via high-speed trains, e.g. Thalys from Paris via Belgium or ICE from Germany.

Local Transportation

From the Delft train station, it is 15 minute walk to the TU Delft campus. The following buses travel between Delft Central Station and the Aula Conference Center:
Bus 40, 69 and 121: get off at bus stop “TU Aula”

For travelling on local public transportation, you need a OV chipkaart. You can get a disposable card, valid for a short period of time, at the desk at Schiphol Airport and in various locations around Delft. If you plan to ride public transportation throughout your stay in the Netherlands, you should consider getting an OV chipkaart. For more information, see:

Schengen Visitor Visa

A Schengen visa allows a foreign national to stay and travel in the Schengen area for up to 90 days within a six month period. If you have a Schengen visa for your visit to the Netherlands, you will also be permitted to travel in the other countries belonging to the Schengen area.

Please note that foreign nationals from the EU, EEA and Switzerland are exempt from the visa requirement. The visa requirement is also waived for nationals of certain non-EU countries. Please visit the European Commission’s Schengen Visa information website for more information:

If you would like a letter of support for your visa from the conference organizers, we will be able to issue one only once you are fully registered for the conference.

If you have any questions about travel to Delft, please contact us at