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Impact of OCW

Developing and using OERs collaboratively with 10 African Countries
Diallo Bakary
Effective Approaches in Aggregating, Embedding, and Delivering Open Sources in College Student Instruction
Han Liu
Systemic Planning for the Open Education Innovation
Vijay M. S. Kumar, Kim Thanos
Using cloud computing tools to objectively analyze OCW utilization
Hsu-Tien Wan
Five years growing with OpenCourseWare
Sergio Martinez
Resource Management System for Sharing Open Course Ware in China Universities
Xibin Han, Jiangang Cheng
Student Attitudes Toward OpenCourseWare and Openness at an OpenCourseWare-producing Institution
Sukon Kanchanaraksa, Ira Gooding, James D. Yager
Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Engagement with OCW and OER
John Casey, Nancy Turner, Hywel Davies, Chris Follows, Ed Webb-Ingal
Sharing your teaching tips through OCW
Takaya Yamazato
OERopoly: Learning about OER communities, collaboration and contexts
Teresa Connolly, Tina Wilson, Elpida Makriyannis, Anna De Liddo, Andy Lane
Open Nottingham
Steve Stapleton, Andy Beggan
Punto de inicio en OCW. Pre-Ingeniería en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Jesús Arriaga, Ana Casaravilla, Jesús Gómez, Luisa Martínez, Rosa Masegosa
Sharing and reusing rich media: lessons from The Open University
Andy Lane, Andrew Law
From open courses to open research: OCW impact at Michigan State University
Christine Geith, Karen Vignare, Brendan Guenther
Building a sustainable OER: Step 1. Tailoring the value for an audience
Gary Lopez
Innovative experiences of Open Educational Resources towards academic knowledge mobilization: Latin-American context
Jose Vladimir Burgos Aguilar, Maria Soledad Ramirez Montoya
Measuring our Impact: the Open.Michigan initiative
Emily Puckett Rodgers
Ecosystem to Create BLOSSOMS
M. Elizabeth Murray, Richard C. Larson
Impact of iTunes U on OCW -a Case Study of UT OpenCourseWare-
Katsusuke Shigeta, Emi Yamamoto, Makoto Yoshida, Hitoshi Aida
Current report on JOCW, history, current status and future challenge
Yoshimi Fukuhara
The UNESCO Chairs in Open Educational Resources: Objectives and intended Activities
Rory McGreal, Fred Mulder
Frictionless Remixing: The Promise of Open CourseWare
Joel Thierstein
Strategy for Increasing Access to OCW in Developing Nations
Richard R Rowe
Past, Present, and Future of OCW @ Korea University
Min Ja Kim, Sang Kyung Lee, Hikyoung Lee

Producing OpenCourseWare

A comparison of production processes for OER
Robert Schuwer, Andy Lane, Anda Counotte-Potman, Martina Wilson
Towards DIY OCW: A sustainable model for producing OpenCourseWare at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, Spain
Susan Webster, Abelardo Pardo
TOKYO TECH OCW, a challenge to stretch the concept of opencourseware
Hiroyuki Akama, Masahiro Mochizuki, Ken Wakita, Yutaka Majima
The past, present, and future of OCW activity in Kyushu University
Naomi Fujimura, Hitoshi Inoue
¿Cómo optimizar la utilización de los materiales disponibles en OCW?
Consuelo Fernandez, Laura Hernando
Reviews of Current International OCW Surveys
Joseph Hardin, Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams
Government Initiative to promote OCW in HE Institutions
Soyon Choi, YongSup Kim
Formation of Open Education Clouds by Universities in Taiwan
Wei-i Lee
Towards a Global Course Catalogue
Clay Whipkey
Student-driven content creation for e-learning
Jorg Onno Entzinger, Kumiko Morimura, Shinji Suzuki
How do I aggregate OERs? let me count the ways...
Robert John Robertson, Phil Barker, Lorna M Campbell
The production of open courses as a transformative practice: A case study of the Chinese Top Level Courses Project
Stian Håklev
Connexions: Building the World of Knowledge
Joel Thierstein
Global Education and Open Course Library
Yongsheng Victor Sun, Tom Caswell
Creating Accessible OER
Tom Caswell, Jutta Treviranus
I.plot with Kyoto University OCW
Naoko Tosa, Michihiko Minoh
Semi-automatic and easy creation of learning friendly OCW video content
Tadashi Nakanishi, Akira Kojima, Yoshimi Fukuhara, Satoshi Shimada

Next Generation “Open” Learning

MIT OpenCourseWare's Next Decade: Reaching a Billion Minds
Stephen Carson
Transforming OpenCourseWare into Open Courseware
Brandon Muramatsu
Effective institutional open practices: local capacity building and global sharing across worldwide partnerships
Mary Y Lee, Ted Hanss, Susan Albright
Planning the OER landscape
Patrick McAndrew, Cathy Casserly, Timothy Vollmer, Elpida Makriyannis
Certification with OER: Teachers Without Borders Case Example & Additional Considerations
Glen Moriarty, Konrad Glogowski
Next Generation “Open” Learning
Fun-Den Wang
Open educational resources in an open university: Toward the sharing and distribution of smaller granular materials
Tsuneo Yamada, Yosuke Morimoto
Socializing OpenCourseWare with OpenStudy
Preetha Ram, Ashwin Ram, Chris Sprague
Making OCW Resources Accessible in Developing Areas
David Dorman
New directions in drinking water education
Jasper Verberk
Making OCW Indispensible: Getting Faculty Involved and Hooked
Gary M Matkin, Larry J Cooperman
Liberando contenidos y creando cursos OCW en la Escuela Virtual de Deportes de Coldeportes
Miguel Angel Guerrero Alfonso
OpenCourseWare as prerequisite for Online Education
Willem van Valkenburg
Open Courseware, Open Content, Open Practices,Open Learning: Where are the limits?
John S Daniel, Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic, Asha Singh Kanwar
Openness in the wasteland: how will changes in the English HE system effect OER practice?
David Kernohan, Sheila MacNeill
What Is the Next Step in the ‘Open Education’ Movement?
Susan Huggins
Opening up the world's academic literature
Jan Reichelt, Jessica Mezei
Open Education Policy in Washington State
Tom Caswell
Linked Data para mejorar la experiencia de uso de Contenidos Educativos Abiertos
Nelson Oswaldo Piedra, Edmundo Tovar, Jorge López, Janneth Chicaiza, Oscar Martinez
P2PU Mozilla School of Webcraft - The Future of Webdeveloper Training
Philipp Schmidt
(How) can badges replace degrees?
Philipp Schmidt
Combining OCW, OER, Pedagogy, and Assessment to Help Teachers Help Students to Learn what the 21st Century Requires
David E. Pritchard
How to play with copyright and do not despair in the process (3 hours)
Carolina Botero, Andrea Sanchez
SNOW: OER platform for localizing, self-learning
Stella HaYoung Shin, Kisuk Lee
Video and Open CourseWare
Peter B Kaufman
Sharing the wealth of the Nation
Steve Midgley, Daniel Rehak
Social learning with OCW- Socialized education amplifies connecting knowledge
Satoshi Yamawaki

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