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Collaboration in Open Education

UNESCO report on OER in France
Sophie TOUZE
OER Research Hub – The Good, the Bad & the Other
Martin James Weller, Patrick McAndrew
Manage Your Knowledge
Jenni Louise Hayman
The Mechanical MOOC: It's alive!
Steve Carson
Open Educational Resources in Action: Beyond the Textbook – Description, results, and analysis of a study on the use of an open learning system in a community college mathematics department
Donna Gaudet, John Hilton III
Learners as Producers: Structuring Courses around Open Resource Production by Students
Jonan Donaldson
IntOERnational - putting OER into international agendas
Alex Fenlon, Stephen Gomez, Adrian Thomas, Rebekah Southern
Open Learning in Post Schooling in South Africa
Trudi Christina SG van Wyk
Gamified mobile learning with OCW — Effective learning though competition and collaboration
Satoshi Yamawaki
Learners' needs analysis of meet-up support mobile system design for Massive Open Online Course
Wei-Ting Lin, Wei-I Lee
Qualified: Using OER to Bridge Occupational Skills Gaps
Peter Smith, Brian Ouellette
Open instructional design and development: Processes and potentials
Irwin DeVries
Integrated open-source learning management system for OER application
Kuo-Chun Hsu, Cheng-Han Kuo
OER Initiatives for Academic Success
Dusti Howell
Does OpenCourseWare change our view on learning and the role of teachers in Higher Education?
Stephanie Verbeken, Frederik Truyen, Wim Van Petegem
Engaging students as OER users and producers: Is it working?
Veronica Ann Mitchell, Nicole Andrea Southgate
Enabling multi-directional knowledge sharing: Barriers and example approaches to contextualization and integration of OER from other institutions
Kathleen Ludewig Omollo, Ted Hanss
OOPS, A Different approach to OER
Fay Chen
Developing Model through the Integration of Facebook and Digital References for Online Tutorial Child Development Psychology
mukti amini
The Web-based Seminar (Webinar) as An Open Courseware For Universitas Terbuka’s Students
Irsanti Widuri Asih
Integrating OERs in Online Tutorial to Enhance the Quality of Student Teacher Learning
Heni Safitri, Tuti Purwoningsih
UNESCO Chairs in OER
Fred Mulder

Accreditation and Assessment of OER based Learning

Assessment and accreditation of informal learning: An international comparison
Rory McGreal
Assesing the Educational Value of OER
John Hilton
: Access to Education and Access to Credentials
Mark Michalisin
Ontology-based Framework to Auto-Generate Serious Game for OER Courses Assessment
Xinglong Ma, Feng Tian, Nan Jiang, Stefan Dietze
KAXA Q&A everywhere
Jengnan Tzeng
De la evaluación a la certificación de competencias con recursos educativos abiertos: el caso de Hybrid Days
Daniel Dominguez
The Online Assessment for BIPA Program by Utilizing OER
Lidwina Sri Ardiasih
The Development of Virtual Reading Room in Universitas Terbuka
Dimas Agung Prasetyo, Tengku Eduard Azwar Sinar

Expanding the reach of OER

Supporting OER policy making in Dutch Higher Education, an approach
Robert Schuwer, Ria Jacobi, Hester Jelgerhuis, Ellen Kuipers, Martijn Ouwehand, Saskia de Rijk, Ellen Simons, Nicolai van der Woert
Bringing OER into class, helping student pass their courses
Martijn Ouwehand
Legal and Quality Guidelines for Open Coursewares Sites
Ignasi Labastida
From learning to research, an international cooperation model on expending the impact of utilizing OER.
Hsu-Tien Wan
Our Experience for operating regional consortium in Japan
yoshimi fukuhara
What We Don't Know: Examining our assumptions on open education
Larry Cooperman
Introducing the School of Open
Cable Green
Open Educational Resources: An Asian Perspective
Prof. Gajaraj Dhanarajan, daryono daryono
Open Policy Network: seeking community input
Cable Green
OER Policies in Canada: A POERUP country report
Diane Quirk, Terry Anderson, Rory McGreal
Expanding the reach of OERs through Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)
Stephen Gomez, Alex Fenlon, Rebekah Southern
A cloud-based solution for OpenCourseWare system to meet the need of cross-platform learning behaviors with various devices in the ubiquitous environment
Hui-Chun Hung, Shelley Shwu-Ching Young
Massive Open Online Courses and Open Courseware: emerging challenges, promises and futures
Sandra Peter, Lesley Farrell
Student Voices in a Peer-to-Peer Open Education Project at Korea University
Hikyoung Lee, Minja Kim
Brazilian textboks access and OER public policies
Cristiana de Oliveira Gonzalez
Open education: Are we at the crossroads?
Markus Deimann, Sandra Peter
Metadata management system for a “materials” repository
Tsuneo Yamada
A real picture of the current use of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education Institutions in Spain and Latin Americas through the application of emergent technologies
Edmundo Tovar, Jorge López, Nelson Piedra, Janneth Chicaiza
Expanding the OER Community by Showcasing a Development Model that Works
Mohamed Noor Hasan, Norah Md Noor
Discover How OER Adoption Fosters Policy and Practice Changes at Community Colleges
Una T. Daly, Donna Gaudet, James Glapa-Grossklag
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Open Course Ware Proposal
Mei-Jen Lin
Designing for Diversity: Creating Learning Experiences that Can Travel the Globe
Jutta Treviranus, Una Daly
Creative Commons 4.0 Licenses: What's New for Education?
Cable Green
INDONESIA OER PANEL Case Study: “Making Ubiquitous Learning Work for Indonesia”
Eko Indrajit, Zainal Hasibuan, Tian Belawati, Nizam Nizam
INTEGRATING UT’S OPEN COURSE WARE TO FACE TO FACE TUTORIAL A Case Study in “Integrated Learning” Subject for PAUD Students of UT
Denny Setiawan, Della Raymena Jovanka
The OCW experience at FGV and beyond
Stavros Xanthopoylos
Serendipity a Faceted Search for OpenCourseWare Content
Nelson Oswaldo Piedra, Edmundo Tovar Caro, Janneth Alexandra Chicaiza, Jorge López Vargas
The 5COE model, the European Union and the first pan-European MOOCs move
Fred Mulder

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