Open Education for a Multicultural World


OCWC Conference Chair
Colin de la Higuera, University of Nantes, France and Knowledge for All Foundation

OCWC Local Chair
Mitja Jermol, Jozef Stefan Institute, Knowledge 4 All Foundation
Davor Orlic, Knowledge for All Foundation

OCWC Steering Committee
Jure Cuhalev, OpenCourseWare Consortium
Mary Lou Forward, OpenCourseWare Consortium
Meena Hwang, OpenCourseWare Consortium
Igor Lesko, OpenCourseWare Consortium
Marcela Morales, OpenCourseWare Consortium
Davor Orlic, Knowledge for All Foundation

OCWC Programme Committee
Peter A. Bruck, Research Studios, Austria
Gwen Franck, Creative Commons, Belgium
Feng Gan, School of Continuing Education, Shanghai, Jiao Tong University(SJTU), China
Rayid Ghani, University of Chicago, USA
Ignasi Labastida Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Andy Lane, Open University, United Kingdom
Tiziana Margaria, Potsdam University, Germany
Rory McGreal, Athabasca University, Canada
Fred Mulder, UNESCO Chair in OER at Open Universiteit in the Netherlands
Richard Noss, London Knowledge Lab, United Kingdom
Andrej Pavletic, Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, Slovenia
Mariana Patru, UNESCO
John Shawe-Taylor, Knowledge for All and UCL, United Kingdom
Christian Stracke, ICORE and University of Düsseldorf, Germany
Alek Tarkowski, Creative Commons
Sophie Touzé, OpenCourseware Europe and University of Lyon, France
Frederik Truyen, KU Leuven, Belgium
Andreja Umek Venturini, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Slovenia
Susan Webster, University Carlos III, Madrid, Spain
John Weitzmann, Creative Commons, Germany

Local Organizer
Monika Kropej, Jozef Stefan Institute
Tanja Zdolšek, Jozef Stefan Institute

Mihajela Crnko, Jozef Stefan Institute
Adis Krečo, Jozef Stefan Institute
Ana Fabjan, Jozef Stefan Institute

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