Open Education for a Multicultural World

Pre-conference Workshops

Getting started with Open Education: Everything you need to know to begin open education projects at your institution

Date: 22 April 2014  09:00 – 16:35

This one-day interactive workshop will introduce you to principles, tools and techniques that will allow you to get started with open education at your institution or organization.  Participants will gain practical knowledge of the benefits and potential pitfalls in starting projects, convincing faculty and administrators, and integrating open education into institutional practice through examples from institutions around the world.

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transLectures – Transcription and translation of Video Lectures

Date: 22 April 2014  09:00 – 17:00

transLectures is a European project whose academic and industrial partners represent the fields of language technologies, machine learning and audiovisual services. Online collections of video material are fast becoming a staple feature of the Internet and a key educational resource. What we are working on at transLectures is a set of easy-to-use tools that will allow users to add multilingual subtitles to these videos. In doing so, they will make the content of these videos available to a much wider audience in a way that is cost-effective and sustainable over the vast collections of online video lectures being generated. Its case studies are VideoLectures.Net and poliMedia, and the languages/language pairs being targeted in this project are EN, ES and SL for transcription, and EN<>ES, EN<>SL, EN>FR and EN>DE for translation. The end result are subtitles -transcriptions and translations- and, in a later phase, personalisation, contextualisation, descriptions, time alignment, fragmentation, recommendation and more for a dataset of 20k academic talks.

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Designing for Diversity: Creating Learning Experiences that Can Travel the Globe

Date: 22 April 2014  09:00 – 12:00

This highly interactive workshop will introduce and explore pedagogical, technical and policy-based strategies to design, create and deliver OER/OCW learning experiences that can be used by the broadest range of learners globally. Workshop participants will be exposed to a variety of tools while collaboratively creating educational resources that are amenable to translation across cultures, languages, formats, technical platforms, learning approaches, modes of interaction and sensory modalities.

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