Open Education for a Multicultural World


Open Educational Policy

OpenPraxis Rory McGreal, Dianne Conrad, Angela Murphy, Gabi Witthaus and Wayne Mackintosh The assessment and accreditation of Learners using OER
OpenPraxis Andy Lane, Sally Caird and Martin Weller The potential social, economic and environmental benefits of MOOCs: comparisons with a massive closed online course
PDF Ronald Macintyre Open Education P’s at the OU in Scotland: Partnership, Practices and the Development of Open Educational Policies
PDF Sergio Martinez OCW (OpenCourseWare) and MOOC (Open Course Where?)
PDF Markus Deimann and Martijn Ouwehand The missing link: Converging Neoliberalism and the OpenCourseWare Movement
OpenPraxis Amalia Toledo Hernández, Carolina Botero Cabrera and Luisa Guzmán Public Expenditure on Education in Latin America. Can It Serve the Paris Declaration’s Purposes?
OpenPraxis Robert Schuwer Five years of Wikiwijs: lessons learned
PDF Ben Janssen, Robert Schuwer and Hester Jelgerhuis Supporting Open Education Policy Making by Higher Education Institutions in The Netherlands; lessons learned
PDF Richardus Eko Indrajit APTIKOM Open Education Architecture Framework
PDF Inés Gil-Jaurena Open educational policies and practices in the Spanish National Distance Education University: UNED Abierta (UNED OER programme)
PDF Nicole Allen and Nicholas Shockey OER and Public Policy: Overview & Opportunities
PDF Yoshimi Fukuhara JMOOC, Massive Open Online Courses from Japan
PDF Kyriakos Kouveliotis Opening on-line education: The institutional model of a Global Degree
PDF Rory McGreal and Fabio Nascimbeni EMundus Europroject First report
PDF Una Daly, James Glapa-Grossklag, Paul Golisch and Lisa Young The Sustainability of Open Education at U.S. Community Colleges

Pedagogical Impact

PDF Lisa Young and Paul Golisch The Evidence Towards Impact: The Maricopa Millions OER Project
PDF Hsu-Tien Wan Impact analysis of using OpenCourseWare to flipper the classroom – examples in Taipei Medical University
PDF Martijn Ouwehand Open Education in formal educational settings, TU Delft STUMBLE project 2014
PDF Sorel Reisman The Evolution of MERLOT
OpenPraxis José Vida and Susan Webster From OCW to MOOC: Deployment of OERs in a massive open online course. The experience of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
PDF Stephanie Verbeken and Fred Truyen LACE13: A Networked Curriculum Open Course
OpenPraxis Stephanie Verbeken and Fred Truyen Student Mobility Handbook: guidelines and scenarios for students and HE institutions using OpenCourseWare in the context of Student Mobility
PDF Peter Bryant, Antony Coombs, Monika Pazio and Simon Walker Education is an illusion if it simply disseminates information: A university wide strategic approach to connecting in an open world
PDF Meirani Harsasi The Development of Open Educational Resources at Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia
PDF Alenka Kavcic, Ciril Bohak, Matevz Pesek and Matija Marolt Teacher’s Involvement in the E-learning Material Development
PDF Nergis A. Gurel Koybasi, Omer Faruk Islim, Kursat Cagiltay and Rafet Cevik Use of OpenCourseWare from the Viewpoint of Undergraduate Students: Case of OER for Physics Laboratory Experiments
PDF Arijit Chowdhuri and Charu K. Gupta A novel OER initiative under University of Delhi’s new Four Year Undergraduate Programme: an investigation into the Pedagogical Impact
PDF Sarita Kumar, Ravi Toteja and Charu Khosla Gupta Creation of E-museum as Open Educational Resource Repository of Organisms for Students of Biological Sciences
PDF Leigh-Anne Perryman, Alison Buckler, Shankar Musafir and Tim Seal The role of OER localisation in building a knowledge partnership for development: Comparing the TESSA and TESS-India teacher education projects
PDF Gijs Houwen Supporting Engineering projects through OpenCourseWare: Two case studies
PDF Marcela Penaloza, Felipe Bracho and Juan Manuel Castillejos Reyes UNAM online spirit, from Mexico to all Spanish speaking teachers and students
PDF Rini Dwiyani Users’ perception on the quality of open educational resources accounting dry lab for distance learning
PDF Tsuneo Yamada Development of a MOOC in a Japanese open university
PDF Beatriz de Los Arcos Flipping with OER: K12 teachers’ views of the impact of open practices on students
PDF Diana Hernández and Ana María Sandova OportUnidad Project: An Option to Integrate the Principles of Open Education in Latin American Universities
PDF Donna Gaudet Evolution of a Truly Open Arithmetic MOOC

Research and Technology

PDF Dalit Levy Openness in Three Acts: A Narrative Inquiry into Teacher Educators’ Conceptions of MOOCs
PDF James Rutherford A Curated Directory is the best choice for Education and Healthcare
PDF Alexander Mikroyannidis, John Domingue, Maria Maleshkova and Elena Simperl Developing a Curriculum of Open Educational Resources for Linked Data
OpenPraxis Darya Tarasowa, Sören Auer, Ali Khalili and Jörg Unbehauen Crowd-sourcing (semantically) Structured Multilingual Educational Content (CoSMEC)
PDF Lyndon Nixon, Tanja Zdolsek, Ana Fabjan and Peter Kese Video Lectures Mashup – remixing learning materials for topic-centred learning across collections
PDF Erika Pogorelc Online Assessment Through Peers
PDF Phil Barker and Lorna Campbell Learning Resource Metadata Initiative: using to describe open educational resources
PDF Olivier Aubert and Joscha Jaeger Annotating Video with Open Educational Resources in a Flipped Classroom Scenario
PDF Robert Farrow OER Impact: Collaboration, Evidence, Synthesis
OpenPraxis Jaclyn Zetta Cohen, Kathleen Ludewig Omollo and Dave Malicke A Framework to Integrate Public, Dynamic Metrics Into an OER Platform
PDF Gary Matkin MOOCs and the Hubble Telescope: The Big Leap for Higher Education Research
PDF Pat Lockley Repository Repositioned: a new way of doing things as OER changes
PDF Karolina Grodecka and Jan Kusiak Quality and openness – open academic e-textbooks for STEM
PDF Alannah Fitzgerald, Shaoqun Wu and Ian Witten Flexible Open Language Education for a Multicultural World
PDF Karen Vignare and Sharon Bierderman-Brosch UMUC Adopting OER at Scale to Reduce Student Costs
PDF Jyothi Thalluri and Joy Penman Staying connected and engaged with the use of Facebook: Experiences of studying Pathology
PDF Toru Kishida and Yoshimi Fukuhara Open Online Learning Environment utilizing OER contents
PDF Silvia-Irene Adame-Rodriguez, Vladimir Burgos and Luis Lloréns-Baez Open Access to Academic and Scientific Mexican Production
PDF Nelson Piedra and Edmundo Tovar Serendipity: a platform to discover and visualize data from OER
OpenPraxis Nelson Piedra and Edmundo Tovar An Architecture based on Linked Data technologies for the Integration of OER in MOOCs Context
PDF Una Daly and Rob Farrow OER Research Hub Examines OER Impact at U.S. Community Colleges
PDF Pellumb Kllogjeri and Qamil Kllogjeri Geogebra: a vital bridge linking mathematics with other sciences

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