Exploring the process of using OER to build transnationally accredited courses within the OERu partner network – an activity theory perspective

Marc Singer and David Porter

Thomas Edison State College, Simon Fraser University

One of the goals of the OERu international consortium of higher education institutions is to encourage participating institutions to share their open courses, whether previously existing or created specifically for the OERu partners. The partners are pledged to use these open resources to create pathways for earning college credit at their own institutions, ideally through the adaptation of these open materials and the creation of assessments enabling students to demonstrate their mastery of the materials and earn credit at low cost or no cost. In 2012, the University of South Africa (Unisa) created the blueprints for a university-level course in Critical Reasoning, and Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey began the process of adapting the course and creating a stand-alone assessment through its credit-by-exam program. The process for identifying suitable courses for the process of adoption and adaptation, development of assessments, and the creation of credit-bearing pathways will be examined in this presentation. We will also offer recommendations for accomplishing similar course adoptions within the complex ecosystem of higher education institutions.

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