Institute for Open Leadership

Cable Green, Paul Stacey and Nicole Allen

Creative Commons, Creative Commons, SPARC

A new Institute for Open Leadership (IOL) is training new open leaders in education, science, and public policy fields on the values and implementation of openness in licensing, policies, and practices. By training new open leaders, connecting them to each other and helping them complete their first capstone open project in their institution, we will prepare them to guide emerging movements in open science, open education, open government, and open culture. These movements are using Creative Commons licenses to broaden public access to knowledge, data, culture, and research around the world, creating new opportunities for education, innovation, and creativity. The inaugural Institute for Open Leadership cohort (14 fellows from 12 countries) will attend the institute January, 2015 in San Francisco. This presentation will discuss the outcomes of the first Institute and discuss plans / solicit ideas for the second Institute in late 2015. http://openpolicynetwork.org/iol


DRAFT Institute for Open Leadership #oeglobal from Cable Green