Suggestions for MOOCs platforms from the Course Managers’ point of view — the experience of Taipei Medical University

Ya-Hui Tang, Ming-Yi Lin, Yu-Zuo Lin and Hsu-Tien Wan

Taipei Medical University

During the past year, Taipei Medical University (TMU) has working on providing quality MOOCs for learners. As course managers of TMU, we have to learn how to set up and manage courses in various MOOCs platforms. After finish 6 MOOCs in 3 different platforms, we would like to share our user experience (UX) from the course managers’ point of view. First, we would try to list the basic functions and their differences from different platforms. Then, we would explain the pros and cons of these MOOCs platforms. Finally, we would like to point out what we think the “best practice” on MOOCs platform development.

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