Axel Meisen, C.M., Ph.D., P.Eng., EurIng, FCAE
Opening remark – Axel Meisen


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University of Cape Town
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A Sustainable Model For Open Content Courseware
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Open Learning and the Personal Learning Environment
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Research Chair for Instructional and Cognitive Engineering (CICE)
Opening up MOOCs for OER management on the Web of linked data
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Universities for the Future; Disruption; and the role of Open Education
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User-stories for the OER World Map
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Using ‘open’ to create a new, innovative future higher education model

Evidence of Impact

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Who is taking European MOOCs and why? A large-scale, cross provider data collection about participants of European Open Online Courses


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University of Calgary / Lyryx Learning, Lyryx Learning
A funding and sustainability model for OER
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Centre for Higher Education Development, University of Cape Town
A Look at Open Access in South Africa: a case study of researchers publishing practices: an analysis of the top 20 journals (both open access and propriety at one university)
Sarah Goodier and Laura Czerniewicz
University of Cape Town
A Look at Open Access in South Africa: a case study of researchers publishing practices: an analysis of the top 20 journals (both open access and propriety at one university)
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Collaborative, Coordinated Strategy for OER Implementation
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Creating a community of practice to drive OER materials production and address the costs of learning materials in South Africa
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Development of strategy for smart University
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Thomas Edison State College, Simon Fraser University
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University of Cape Town
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Creative Commons, Creative Commons, SPARC
Institute for Open Leadership
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Paul Stacey
Creative Commons
Large Scale OER – A National Framework
Marcela Penaloza
OER strategies and best practices as success factors in Open Access initiatives in higher education
Paul Stacey
Creative Commons
Open Business Models
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Open Government Partnership as a platform for advancing open education policy
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Quality Assurance and Accreditation of MOOCs: Current Issues and Future Trends
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Suggestions for MOOCs platforms from the Course Managers’ point of view — the experience of Taipei Medical University
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Université de Nantes
Teacher’s Time is Valuable
Kim Lynch and Greg Rathert
Minnesota State Colleges & Universities, Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Textbooks Can be Affordable?? Getting Faculty in the Game
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Durban University of Technology
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University of Minnesota
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TU Delft
TU Delft Online Learning: (Open) licensing MOOCs
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Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Using OER to Support Institutional Strategic Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Scholarship
Andy Lane
Who knows how and who shares what: open education practices as an inclusive social innovation


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The Open University, Commonwealth of Learning / Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth
Collaborating across borders: OER use and open educational practices within the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth
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Create and Recreate the City Through Experiences with OER
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Creative Commons Licenses: A Bridge to Connect Art and Citizenship Education by Using ICT
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Educating the Masses through MOOCs
Willem Van Valkenburg
Everything you want to know about MOOCs
Cable Green
Creative Commons
K12 OER Collaborative
Leigh-Anne Perryman and Tony Coughlan
The Open University, UK
Learning from the innovative open practices of three international health projects outside academia
Mihajela Crnko
Jozef Stefan Institute
MyMachine, Engage Learners from Kindergarten to Industries
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Open Policy Network: Launched!
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Showcasing: Open Educational Practices’ Models Using Open Educational Resources
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UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia
Social Accessibility Action to Improve Quality of user-generated video and Develop OER Collections for All
Norazah Nordin, Mohamed Amin Embi and Helmi Norman
The Malaysia Massive Open Online Courses Initiative: User Acceptance of a MOOC course in the South East Asian Context

Pedagogy & Design

Jess Mitchell and Michelle D'Souza
Inclusive Design Research Centre OCAD University
[Action Lab] Inclusive design of OERs using co-design
Nelson Piedra, Janneth Chicaiza, Edmundo Tovar and Jorge Lopez-Vargas
Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, UTPL, Universidad Polit�cnica de Madrid, UTPL
An approach for Filtering of Open Educational Resources to foster Entrepreneurship
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Saide; Rhodes University, Saide
An OER Online Course Remixing Experience.
Carina Bossu and Wendy Fountain
University of Tasmania
Capacity-building for the adoption of OEP in higher education
Mike Keppell and Xiang Ren
Australian Digital Future Institution, University of Southern Queensland, University of Southern Queensland
Design Options for Open Learning with Formal Credentialing
Uthman Alturki
King Saud University
Factors Affecting the Use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) From the Viewpoint of Learners in Saudi Arabia
Una Daly
Open Education Consortium
Faculty Motivation and Reflection on Open Textbook Adoptions
Tel Amiel and Tiago Soares
UNICAMP, University of São Paulo
Free or open? Investigating intellectual property rights and openness for OER repositories in Latin America
Covadonga Rodrigo and Francisco Iniesto
UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia
Holistic Vision for Creating Accessible Services based on MOOCs
Yasira Waqar
Virtual University of Pakistan
Instructional Design of OER Produced/Contextualized for Pakistan
Domi Enders
Open Assembly
Knowledge Co-Creation with OER: Unleashing the Creative Power of Open
Richard Heinen, Michael Kerres, Christoph Schindler and Marc Rittberger
earning lab - Universität Duisburg - Essen, DIPF – German Institute for International Educational Research
Provisioning strong and weak OER: Requirements of open informational ecosystems
Steven Weiland
Michigan State University
The Lecture Revisited: Open Educational Resources and Digital Lessons in Teaching
Colin Elliott and Elaine Fabbro
Athabasca University
The Open Library at AU
Heather Ross, Ryan Banow and Jay Wilson
University of Saskatchewan
Truly Open Courses on the Canadian Prairies
Karnedi Karnedi
Universitas Terbuka
Web-Based Learning: Research and Innovation in Translation Learning Resources

ROER4D & GO-GN Research

Francisco Iniesto
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
A bridge between accessibility and MOOCs: an adaptative model for developing new services for people with special needs
Nicolai van der Woert
Health Academy, Radboudumc, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Designing ecosystems for open education in healthcare
Dr. Patricia Arinto
Desktop review of OER policies, project and research in the Global South (ROER4D)
Sarah Goodier
University of Cape Town
Developing an evaluation strategy to gain insights into a multi-national project (ROER4D)
Prof Mohandas Menon, B. Phalachandra, Jasmine Emmanuel
Presented by: Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams
Wawasan Open University, Penang, Malaysia
Exploring OER for Course Development: The case of a postgraduate Research in Education course in Malaysia and India (ROER4D)
Batbold Zagdragchaa
Exploring the cultural historical factors that influence OER adoption and use in Mongolia’s higher education sector (ROER4D)
María del Pilar Saenz, Ulises Hernandez Pino, and Yoli Marcela Hernández
Karisma Foundation (Colombia)
From copyright restriction to the possibilities of using Creative Commons licenses in primary and secondary education in Colombia: Preliminary findings of the coKREA project (ROER4D)
Henry Trotter
University of Cape Town
Harmonising Research between South and North: Results from ROER4D’s Question Harmonisation Experiment (ROER4D)
Igor Lesko
Open University of Netherlands
Impact of International Organizations on Governmental OER Policies
Gino Fransman
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Negotiating Social and Digital Literacies Through Encounters with OER at NMMU: Starting Point: Towards Advocating for Open at NMMU
Judith Pete
Tangaza University College of Catholic University of Eastern Africa
Open Education Resources (OER) Differentiation in Africa (Kenya, Ghana and South Africa)
Gurumurthy Kasinathan & Ranjani Ranganathan
IT for Change
Open Educational Resources – a method of Teacher Professional Development (ROER4D)
Nikolaos Floratos
Open University of Catalonia
Recommendations on Formative Assessment and Feedback Practices for stronger engagement in MOOCs
Werner Westermann
Research in progress: Use of OER in developing the logical-mathematical, literacy, science and critical thinking skills of first year higher education students (ROER4D)
Glenda Cox
University of Cape Town
Research into the social and cultural acceptability of OER in South Africa (ROER4D)
Jose Dutra de Oliveira Neto
Survey Instrument Validity: Validation of a survey instrument to understand current and potential users of Open Education Resources (OER) in the Global South (ROER4D)
Ramesh C. Sharma, Atul Thakur, Meenu Sharma and Sanjaya Mishra
Teachers’ Perception of Open Educational Resources: Data Collection through Workshops (ROER4D)