Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Main Hall Breakout Room 1
Breakout Room 2
(Black Bear)
Breakout Room 3
Research Track
8:00 Registration & Refreshments
9:00 Welcome: Rory McGreal
9:15 Plenary Talks
  • Opening up Canada
  • 10:30 Refreshments
    11:00 Case Studies in Innovation & OER
  • Learning from the innovative open practices of three international health projects outside academia
    Leigh-Anne Perryman and Tony Coughlan
  • Adoption of Policy and Practice of OER: A Case of Wawasan Open University, Malaysia
    Mohan Menon
  • Peer reviewed courses in OpenCourseWare at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: towards a P2P assessment system for OERs
    Eva Méndez and Susan Webster
  • The Future of Education
  • Using ‘open’ to create a new, innovative future higher education model
    Susan Huggins and Peter Smith
  • Universities for the Future; Disruption; and the role of Open Education
    Allyn Radford and Jane Fahey
  • Open Education & Entrepreneurship
  • A funding and sustainability model for OER
    Claude Laflamme and Nathan Friess
  • A Sustainable Model For Open Content Courseware
    Brian Jacobs
  • A Framework for improving the effectiveness of the Openness in OER Repositories and Open Educational Datasets
    Nelson Piedra, Janneth Chicaiza, Edmundo Tovar and Jorge Lopez-Vargas
  • Open Access, Open Publishing
  • OER strategies and best practices as success factors in Open Access initiatives in higher education
    Marcela Penaloza
  • The Open Library at AU
    Colin Elliott and Elaine Fabbro
  • ROER4D Presentations
  • Exploring the cultural historical factors that influence OER adoption and use in Mongolia’s higher education sector (ROER4D)
    Batbold Zagdragchaa
  • Harmonising Research between South and North: Results from ROER4D’s Question Harmonisation Experiment (ROER4D)
    Henry Trotter
  • Developing an evaluation strategy to gain insights into a multi-national project (ROER4D)
    Sarah Goodier
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • International Panel on Innovation in Open Education
  • 14:30 Credentialing OER
  • Exploring the process of using OER to build transnationally accredited courses within the OERu partner network – an activity theory perspective
    Marc Singer and David Porter
  • National Policy for OER
  • Large Scale OER – A National Framework
    Paul Stacey
  • Open Government Partnership as a platform for advancing open education policy
    Nicole Allen and Jan Gondol
  • Action Lab
  • Knowledge Co-Creation with OER: Unleashing the Creative Power of Open
    Domi Enders
  • From copyright restriction to the possibilities of using Creative Commons licenses in primary and secondary education in Colombia: Preliminary findings of the coKREA project (ROER4D)
    María del Pilar Saenz, Ulises Hernandez Pino, and Yoli Marcela Hernández
  • Exploring OER for Course Development: The case of a postgraduate Research in Education course in Malaysia and India (ROER4D)
    Prof Mohandas Menon, B. Phalachandra, Jasmine Emmanuel
    Presented by: Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams
  • 15:30 Refreshments
  • Poster Highlights – short talks from poster presenters

  • A Closer look at MOOCs
  • Suggestions for MOOCs platforms from the Course Managers’ point of view — the experience of Taipei Medical University
    Ya-Hui Tang, Ming-Yi Lin, Yu-Zuo Lin and Hsu-Tien Wan
  • The Malaysia Massive Open Online Courses Initiative: User Acceptance of a MOOC course in the South East Asian Context
    Norazah Nordin, Mohamed Amin Embi and Helmi Norman
  • TU Delft Online Learning: (Open) licensing MOOCs
    Martijn Ouwehand
  • Educating the Masses through MOOCs
    Phillip Davis
  • Community, Network and OER
  • Creating a community of practice to drive OER materials production and address the costs of learning materials in South Africa
    Derek Moore and Dominique Wooldridge
  • The Open Textbook Network: Collectively Helping Institutions and Faculty Overcome Barriers to Adoption of Open Textbooks
    David Ernst
  • K12 OER Collaborative
    Cable Green
  • Pedagogy and OER
  • Instructional Design of OER Produced/Contextualized for Pakistan
    Yasira Waqar
  • Web-Based Learning: Research and Innovation in Translation Learning Resources
    Karnedi Karnedi
  • Collaborating across borders: OER use and open educational practices within the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth
    Leigh-Anne Perryman and John Lesperance
  • Holistic Vision for Creating Accessible Services based on MOOCs
    Covadonga Rodrigo and Francisco Iniesto
  • ROER4D Presentations
  • Desktop review of OER policies, project and research in the Global South (ROER4D)
    Dr. Patricia Arinto
  • Research in progress: Use of OER in developing the logical-mathematical, literacy, science and critical thinking skills of first year higher education students (ROER4D)
    Werner Westermann
  • Teachers’ Perception of Open Educational Resources: Data Collection through Workshops (ROER4D)
    Ramesh C. Sharma, Atul Thakur, Meenu Sharma and Sanjaya Mishra
  • Open Educational Resources – a method of Teacher Professional Development (ROER4D)
    Gurumurthy Kasinathan & Ranjani Ranganathan
  • 18:00 End of day 1