Submission Guidelines


Proposals (written in English) should be submitted through the EasyChair site.  If you would like to conduct a session in a language other than English, please contact us at

Submissions for the Open Education Global Conference 2016 must include a short abstract (one paragraph, under 300 words) and an extended narrative (1000-2000 words, approximately 2-4 pages). The extended narrative should provide a clear description of what will be covered and what the audience can expect to learn during the session.  Authors should ensure that enough details are given to be able to assess the novelty, relevance or the impact of the proposal.  Please ensure that the following information appears clearly in your proposal:

  • Names, titles, and institution or organization for all presenters or panelists
  • Title of session
  • Goals or intended outcomes
  • Description of topics and/or activities that will be covered
  • Intended audience (for example, experienced open education professionals, those new to the field, administrators, general)


Full papers

Writing a full paper is not a requirement. If you wish to submit a full paper to be included in the Conference Proceedings or submit for publication in Open Praxis, please mark relevant boxes in the submission form.

 Submit your proposal on EasyChair site


  • There will be a separate session for poster presentations and demonstrations, but posters will be up for a full day. It is the responsibility of authors to mount the posters on the poster boards that morning.
  • We have a liberal guideline for poster sizes, but A0 size or smaller would be more convenient.
  • Make sure that your poster includes all relevant information such as name, organization, and email, title, research goal, methodology, results, significance of research, attribution, and acknowledgement.
  • Do make your poster visible and legible by using big fonts, illustrations, and diagrams.

 Submit your proposal on EasyChair site