Action Lab

[Action Lab] Open Course Design Workshop

Martijn Ouwehand and Willem van Valkenburg

Delft University of Technology

Producing and/or reusing Open Educational Resources (OER) are the common practices carried out by educators, who integrate them as content in there courses, for students to explore and study.
However, with plenty of OER available on the internet (e.g., it’s important for educators not only to produce and reuse OER, but also to integrate and develop open educational practices, shifting the focus from content to context.

We believe that it’s possible to take one step further and focus also on context, that is, designing learning activities that promote learning by doing, interaction and collaboration between students, while contributing with artefacts to the open education movement.

During this workshop you will learn more about the potential Open Education has in store for online and campus education. We will share some inspiration on how you could reuse, revise, remix and/or redistribute educational resources and challenge you to think about how you could design your course in a way that makes full use of its potential and increases effectiveness and efficiency of your course.

– Open Educational Resources (OER)
– The OER life cycle
– Open course design strategies

The main goal of this workshop is to design an activity or module of a course integrating OER, making use of the OER life cycle.
You will learn how to use OER in two ways:
1) as educational resources to prepare your course, providing the content your students will need to complete the learning activities and reach the course goals;
2) as artefacts produced by your students, as a product of a learning activity, released as OER.

Activities (forms of interaction)
The session will be highly interactive, with discussions and group work as the main activities.
1) Short presentation of participants and workshop.
2) Open discussion about OER – think, group, share methodology.
3) Short presentation by trainers about course design, to introduce the main activity.
4) Design a module of a course where OER is used, produced and released (preferably from the student’s perspective) – group work.
5) In the end participants will share their course design. Trainers will collect and publish as OER the artefacts produced during this workshop.


Open Course Design - Open Education Global Conference 2016 from Martijn Ouwehand Msc