Open Education as Strategy

Open Education Strategy at Universities in Hokkaido Region utilizing OER

Katsusuke Shigeta, Yoshiharu Fujita, Hidefumi Yagi, Tomohiro Nagashima, Mitsu Hamada, Masashi Sata, Tetsuya Matsumoto, Hiroaki Tanaka, Kazuya Kobayashi and Marie Shima

Hokkaido University, Japan

Promoting institutional and governmental open strategy for educational reform, the formation of a consortium of institutions funded by government would propel innovation to introduce new method together. In considering approaches for sustaining and scaling education in broad and rural area, distance learning has been playing critical role. Solving educational challenges for restrictions of distance learning and increasing student outcomes, sharing development, use and ongoing improvement of OER that would be of direct benefit to their students. In the Hokkaido region, Japan’s second largest island, 7 public universities are pursing such an approach, having recently concluded an agreement to cooperatively develop and deliver components of liberal arts education in a way that will leverage local characters and specializations and will integrate a credit transferring system across the consortium. This new program is funded by the Ministry of Education (fromFY2012-16) and shares lectures via videoconferencing. To promote this effort, Hokkaido University, as a leading institution in the consortium, has launched a new organization called Center for Open Education (OE) as a central part of this cooperative program. Center for OE develops OER in blended learning to improve student engagement and learning outcomes for both on its own campus and on 7 universities above. Center for OE develops OERs for undergraduate courses, special-education programs and international programs. From spring semester in 2015, the consortium starts credit-bearing courses using these OER on flipped classroom among institutions with distance learning. Center for OE is also contributing back to the commons MOOC and the best of developed materials. In July 2015, Hokkaido University, in partnership with Open Education Consortium, offered a four-week course on edX under OECx under CC-BY-NC license. This presentation will discuss lessons learned at the midpoint of the project for institutions that may be interested in pursing similar ventures.


Open Education Strategy at Universities in Hokkaido Region Utilizing OER from Open Education Consortium