Open Education as Strategy

The impact of 30 TU Delft MOOCs and the next step

Willem van Valkenburg

TU Delft

In 2013 TU Delft started with their MOOCs on EdX. From the start we have licensed our MOOCs with an open license.  After three years and 30 MOOCs with 53 runs we have 850.000 enrolments from all over the world.

In this presentation I will focus on the impact of these MOOCs: impact for the learners, lecturers, researchers and the university.

The last part of the presentation will focus on our new initiative of Credits for MOOCs. In cooperation with 6 international universities TU Delft has taken the initiative to give Credits for MOOCs.


#OEGlobal - Impact of MOOCs from Willem van Valkenburg