A public OER initiative as driver for educational innovation

Jan-Bart de Vreede


Wikiwijs Maken (Wikiwijs Creation) is a public Dutch online tool for creating Web based lessons under a CC-BY-(SA) license. It is an initiative which was launched 7 years ago and currently has more than 26000 published lessons is aiming for 3 million lessons followed in 2016.

The focus of this talk is on the public role of the platform and making it a “content hub” where content can be authored, imported and exported in many open standards under an open license. All this with the goal of stimulating innovation in the Dutch educational market.

Wikiwijs Maken aims to stimulate innovation by lowering the barriers to entry for small players and allowing existing players to innovate on new aspects. This is done by offering all the content in an open standard with the accompanying (detailed) metadata. In the past Wikiwijs has been a pioneer in the use of metadata at the “lesson level”. But in order to make the content truly open metadata can now be assigned at a paragraph/question level and is included in the exports so that the content can be remixed at a machine level.

Not only does this give these new players content which they did not have access to before, but it also allows the content to be played in environments which know more about the student and her/his weaknesses and strengths. This leads to new innovative propositions for Dutch educational market which allow experimentation with adaptive tools, better dashboards and content performance analysis (how effective is the content for a specific audience)

This talk will demonstrate how different (new) players in the educational market make use of the options that Wikiwijs is offering them, and how Kennisnet is trying to facilitate these parties and the students that use the content through their platforms.


A public OER initiative as driver for educational innovation from Open Education Consortium