A study on awareness of ‘OER’ among content creators

Sarita Kumar, Savithri Singh

Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India

Since the adoption of term Open Educational Resources (OER) by UNESCO in 2002 and then the Cape Town declaration in 2007 several Indian organizations/individuals have shown interest in OER. The National Knowledge Commission report of India (2007) and the National Mission on Education using ICT (2008) along with Wikieducator India Chapter placed great emphasis on open source software and open access to educational content. The Paris Declaration on OER (2012) urged member states to foster, use and creation of OER. Creative Commons formally introduced in India in 2007 got new life in 2013 through recognition of three Indian organizations as affiliates. The Commonwealth of Learning through its Delhi office, CEMCA also promoted creation/use of OER. Through all these efforts, thousands of educators in the country have been exposed to OER and several national level repositories have been released under the CC licenses besides content developed on several sites of Universities, institutes/colleges and NGO’s. Nevertheless, these paradigms have not been easily accepted in the Indian academic world and confusion prevails on what exactly constitutes ‘OER’. In order to spread awareness about the concepts of OER, we conducted several seminars, discussions, workshops over the years and found a lack of awareness among many content developers about the concept of OER, copyright policies and licenses, despite the fact that they have release their content in the open domain. Thus, investigations were undertaken to study the extent of penetration of the understanding of ‘OER’ among higher education faculty particularly among authors. After identifying content writers/developers of the major e-Content sites in India, we are conducting a survey expressly to understand their level of understanding of OER and the constraints faced. The results of this survey will be discussed along with recommendations on how to propagate the philosophy of OER.


A study on awareness of ‘OER’ among content creators from Open Education Consortium