A Study on Cost-Efficiency and Quality of OER Integrated Course Materials

Mohan Menon, Phalachandra Bhandigadi

Wawasan Open University

It is generally believed that adoption and reuse of OERs in creating course materials for new context is more cost-efficient compared to producing an entirely new set of materials. However reuse can be either adopting or adapting with minimal changes, one or two existing OERs or identifying and integrating a number OER multimedia materials from various sources to suit the curricular needs of a new course. These two options would require dissimilar processes and hence would involve different quantity of cost and time. Reuse of a number of relevant and varied OER multimedia materials in a new context is expected to enhance the quality of the newly created course but could consume more time. The present proposal intends to report a study of cost-efficiency and quality of OER integrated materials undertaken as part of one of sub-project-7 of Research on Open Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D) project being conducted by the University of Cape Town with research funding from IDRC, Canada. Within the exploratory case study design adopted for the investigation, a mixed methods approach involving collection of both qualitative and quantitative data was employed. The source of data include the OER search team, course development team as well as the course learners. A number of research tools/techniques including log records, interviews, focus group discussions, narratives, rating scales and questionnaires were used for collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. The data was analysed adopting the triangulation approach using three types, viz. methods triangulation, triangulation of sources and analysts’ triangulation. The findings of the study do indicate that OER integrated course development when carried out through a process of integration involving adoption, mixing, adaptation, re-creation and new creation is a complex one but still found to be cost-efficient and also enhance quality of the resultant materials.

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A Study on Cost-Efficiency and Quality of OER Integrated Course Materials from Open Education Consortium