Designing a framework for making use of MOOCs

Andrew Deacon, Janet Small, Sukaina Walji

University of Cape Town

Action Lab 1 hour 30 minutes

The exploration of new forms of open online learning are taking place under the amorphous term of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and are a growing part of the publically visible higher education landscape worldwide. While the intention of opening access to educational resources and pedagogy may be recognisable in MOOCs, other aspects such as business models, pedagogy, assessment and access constraints are less clear to potential reusers. This complex space compels us to draw on practical experience rather than expecting clear guidelines and standards for reuse. This Action Lab is premised on the assumption that if MOOCs are to be used for more than stand-alone courses then one needs to explore the range of opportunities are becoming available.

Drawing on our local experience as the MOOC design team based at the University of Cape Town, we will seek to engage with the experiences of others in our Action Lab to characterise what has worked for use and re-use of MOOCs and MOOC material. Such exercises in actively identifying the purpose and value of resources is essential for any reuse and adoption strategy.

We will expose participants to a number of case studies about the creative use of MOOCs in various educational contexts from mainstream on-campus teaching to continuing professional development and consider the opportunities available when MOOC materials are also made available as OER. We guide participants through a process of thinking about how educators and learning designers could use MOOCs to develop open pedagogical strategies in their own teaching contexts.

Through analysing the cases the team has developed a Framework for MOOC Reuse and will invite participants to interrogate the framework and participate in developing a more robust and applicable set of models for the use and reuse of open online courses, and their openly licenced materials.


Designing a framework for making use of MOOCs from Open Education Consortium