Everything you want to know about MOOCs

Willem Van Valkenburg

TU Delft

Action Lab 1 hour

In this action lab Willem van Valkenburg will share the knowledge and experiences he has on developing, running and researching MOOCs. He is responsible for the production & delivery of all open and online courses of Delft University of Technology.

TU Delft started with MOOCs in 2013 on the edX platform. The team of TU Delft Online Learning has produced more than 45 MOOCs, which attracted more than 1.2 million enrollments.

Following the questions of participants we can discuss these topics:

– Why should you do MOOCs
– Production process of MOOCs
– Pedagogical model and Quality Assurance process
– Platform differences
– Evaluation of MOOCs
– Research findings in MOOCs

This action lab offers the perfect opportunity to ask the question about MOOCs you always wanted to ask!


Everything you want to know about MOOCs #oeglobal from Willem van Valkenburg