Life Beyond coKREA: Portable Server, A Technology Solution for Local Educational Networks

María Del Pilar Sáenz Rodríguez, Hector Botero Giraldo

Karisma Foundation

Introducing technology in the classroom, although it is expected to provide benefits for teaching and learning processes, poses significant challenges for easy access to digital content and tools in remote places where there is no infrastructure for permanent Internet connection. One way to compensate this problem is the creation of local networks as an alternative for access. In some remote municipalities a local server based on free software and Open Education Resources (OER) is being set up to provides a local network and access to digital educational content and tools. The “Wireless LAN Kimera” is an independent development by the Laboratory for Social Innovation that is part of Karisma Foundation. The “Wireless LAN Kimera” started from a portable server, introduced by ieRED as part of the support material in the Karisma’s coKREA Project. In addition to concept test, a pilot is being implemented in the municipality of Fresno, Tolima in Colombia.