Open Credential and Radical Openness

Michal Kaderka

Aliance for Open Education; EDUin

I´m coordinator of the Alliance of the Open Education and external teacher of the upper middle school in Prague. There I teach a media studies according principal open education. I have started to teach two years ago in radical open way.

This radical openness is:

a) All outputs, grades, instruction etc. are posted at the FB group which follow other students, teachers, journalist, people interested in media studies etc. Students are not anonymous and everybody can watch their outputs, results, my comments, evaluation and grades. All members are learning from each other, other teacher are learning, how to teach via social networks and other people get information about form and content in the media field. Here is link:

b) During the school year 2015/16 class had visited several publishing houses and on-line medias. All events were offered to the public and many young journalists, students of media studies/journalism/PR or juniors from PR agencies joined to the class. The some situation is in the school year 2016/17.

c) All preparations and materials are offered to teacher´s community under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Link is here:

d) Beside FB group and Slideshare I use Twitter which is followed mostly by teachers and journalist. Tweets contain information about excursions, links on the preparations and news from the OER world. Link is here:

Many classes are based on the similar principles but media studies “Svět médií” does not have any birder line between the students from the schools and people whom I do not know. Way how is class organized is very often matter of the discussion from the ethical and private view. This most difficult task was finding the facts why students should accept this radical openness. It would be the biggest contribution of my presentation.


Open Credential and Radical Openness from Open Education Consortium