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Made With Creative Commons – Open Business Models
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Open Credential and Radical Openness
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Open Online Courses for students and professionals
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Postgraduate students as OER capacitators
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Pragmatism vs. Idealism and the Identity Crisis of OER Advocacy
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Refinement of Open Courseware in Taiwan
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Saudi Arabia’s National Open Education Strategy, Master Plan & Policy
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Scaling up Open Badges for Open Education
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SDG4 + OER: Working Together to Mainstream Open Education
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Separating Rhetoric from Reality: The Process of Institutionalizing OER Practices at African Universities
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IT for Change
Teacher Professional Learning Communities: a collaborative OER adoption approach in Karnataka, India
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Universidad de Vigo
Technology adoption in Education: Challenges to create and share with the OER Ecosystem
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Carnegie Mellon University
TelKart and QnA: An Open Teaching System for Computer Science Courses
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University of Cape Town
The adoption and impact of OEP and OER in the Global South: Theoretical, conceptual and methodological framework for the ROER4D project meta-analysis
Steve Carson, Yuri Quintana
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Division of Clinical Informatics
The Alicanto Cloud: A new model for open and social learning
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College of William and Mary
The Constraints of Policy: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Open Education Policy in Virginia
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University of Southampton
The European Data Science Academy: Bridging the Data Science Skills Gap with Open Courseware
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The Ohio State University
The impact of authoring open education resources on student engagement, learning retention and real world application.
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The Learning Environment of the student at an Open and Distance (e-) Learning University: the Unisa perspective
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North Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Centre (hbz)
The OER World Map: Adolescence of a Community Platform for the OER Movement
Naomi Cloutier, Carolyn Teare, Irwin Devries
Thompson Rivers University
The power of open information in open learning curriculum development
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National Quality Infrastructure System of Greece
The quality of MOOCs: Results from latest four research surveys and discussion of the Quality Reference Framework for MOOCs
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Royal Roads University
The role of educational developers in supporting open educational practices
Emma Fromberg
Delft University of Technology
The role of higher education in shaping the future economy
Joseph Pickett
MIT OpenCourseWare
The Student Experience as OER
Paola Corti, Cable Green, Joseph Pickett, Rory Mc Greal and Jane-Frances Agbu
Servizio METID - Politecnico di Milano, Creative Commons, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Athabasca University, National Open University of Nigeria
Third Mission of Universities, MOOCs and OERs – sharing knowledge toward development cooperation, social inclusion, dialogue with production sectors, collaboration with external subjects
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Open University of the Netherlands, Welten Institute
Towards a new model for measuring success in MOOCs: The role of participants’ intentions
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Towards ethical open practices at a University of Technology during times of disruptions
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Towards Pedagogical improvements in OER: repurposing for the South
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TMT Consulting
Two Trends, Competency-Based and Open Resources: How do they intersect?
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Understanding lecturer’s adoption of OER: a multi-factorial approach
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CILT, University of Capetown
Unleashing the Power of Online Networks through Openness
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Inter American University of Puerto Rico
Using a MOOC to flip an aviation classroom and improve student performance
Tony Mays
University of Pretoria
Utilising Open Education Resources in support of curriculum transformation at Africa Nazarene University: a participatory action research approach

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