Friday, 10 March

Auditorium 2 Room 1.41 Room 1.61 Room 1.63 Room 2.61 Room 2.64
08.00 - 9.00 Registrations
09.00 - 10.30 Community of Practice
  • Developing a Community of Practice for Open Education with the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER)
    Quill West, Una Daly
  • Open for Participation
  • Action Lab
    Online learning, offline
    Grif Peterson, Dirk Uys, Philipp Schmidt
  • OER Across the Globe
  • A public OER initiative as driver for educational innovation
    Jan-Bart de Vreede
  • The OER World Map: Adolescence of a Community Platform for the OER Movement
    Jan Neumann
  • SDG4 + OER: Working Together to Mainstream Open Education
    Cable Green
  • OER Case Studies in Europe
  • Flipped Presentation
    Is Germany taking the fast track to OER? A 2017 status report from the country that nearly missed the call
    Joeran Muuss-Merholz, Jan Neumann
  • Norwegian digital learning arena – a sustainable large-scale model for OER
    Christer Gundersen, Øivind Høines
  • Adoption of OER by Educators in Dutch Public Higher Education: A Long and Winding Road or Free as a Bird?
    Robert Schuwer, Ben Janssen
  • Open Educational Practice
  • Towards Pedagogical improvements in OER: repurposing for the South
    Najma Agherdien
  • Separating Rhetoric from Reality: The Process of Institutionalizing OER Practices at African Universities
    Catherine Ngugi
  • Life cycle of an open online course designed as an OER: The case of Facilitating Online
    Tony Carr, Nicola Pallitt
  • OER and Innovation
  • Creating an OER Unit: Lessons and Successes over the first 2.5 years
    Dianna Fisher
  • Open or closed learning environments? The topography of HE practitioners learning spaces. Towards a topology of learning spaces
    Caroline Kuhn
  • Open for Good: Tales of Building Open Synergies
    Melissa Loble
  • 10:30-11.00 Tea/Coffee Break
    11:00-12:30 Open for Participation Open for Participation Open Education Policy, Social Justice and Ethics
  • The Constraints of Policy: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Open Education Policy in Virginia
    Jamison Miller
  • Access and Affordability in US Higher Education: A Social Justice Perspective on Free and Open
    Preston Davis
  • Towards ethical open practices at a University of Technology during times of disruptions
    Daniela Gachago, Eunice Ivala, Cheryl Belford, Xena Cupido, Hillary Hartle, Suzaan Le Roux, Candice Livingston, Janine Lockhart, Andre Steenkamp, Bronwyn Swartz
  • Research in OER
  • Evaluating an open research project: Some practical lessons from the ROER4D project
    Sarah Goodier
  • Utilising Open Education Resources in support of curriculum transformation at Africa Nazarene University: a participatory action research approach
    Tony Mays
  • Letting go; a practical look at adapting open courses in low resource settings with a particular focus on non-Latin script
    Tim Seal
  • Open Educational Practice
  • Southern Hemisphere Open Educational Practices: A comparative analysis between Australia and Brazil
    Carina Bossu, Marineli Meier
  • Two Trends, Competency-Based and Open Resources: How do they intersect?
    Tere Traub, Susan Huggins
  • Opening practice on participatory course production
    Anna Page, Pete Cannell, Ronald Macintyre
  • Action Lab
    OER Peer Learning Web-Based Application
    Larry Cooperman, Stefano Stefan
  • 12:30-13:30 Lunch

    [Venue: Auditorium 2]

    The Cape Town Open Education Declaration +10 Panel and Celebration
    Chair: Phillip Schmidt
    Panelists: Delia Browne, Sanjaya Mishra, Richard Baraniuk and Alek Tarkowski
    15.30 Conference Ends - Optional Tours