Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands

The King’s official birthday in the Netherlands is a festive occasion that is annually celebrated on April 27. For conference attendees, you should consider staying an extra day!


Celebrating King’s Day

If you haven’t experienced the atmosphere and joy of a city flooded in orange, you should consider attending the 2018 King’s Day celebration. Bells sound, bands play, children perform, deals are made, bargains are found, drinks are consumed, and above all, love, laughter and smiles abound.

For a nation often divided, King’s Day is the great equalizer. Unlike other countries’ national days, April 27th is not about in-your-face patriotism or royal worshiping, it’s about oneness. Everyone can participate, everyone can partake, everyone can carve out their own way to celebrate, and everyone can do so with the simple act of throwing on an orange t-shirt and joining the gezellig crowds.

The celebration. In many towns and cities, the King’s Day celebrations begin on the evening before. During the day you will be able to visit flea markets where you will be able to make great bargains for second-hand goods and King’s Day themed products in many city and town centers. King’s day in Delft is worth to visit. It is crowded if you get there after Noon. In specific streets children will sell their toys/books etc.

Local authorities organize music festivals at different places in town. The tourist information office can tell you what is going on and where.

King’s Day is an official public holiday in the Netherlands. Banks, post offices, and many businesses are closed. Opening hours in stores vary. Some stores are open as usual, some are open for part of the day, and some are closed all day. Public transport runs according to a normal or a special timetable and there are extra train services to take people home from large celebrations. However, buses and trams in the center of large cities may have different or shortened routes to avoid the crowds. Restaurants may be shut, open as usual or only serving special “King’s Day” meals. Cafes and restaurants may close earlier than usual.

Each year, the royal family visits one or a few places on King’s Day. They are entertained with displays and performances around local historic events. Royal family members generally join in with the games in a good natured way and greet thousands of people who turn out to see them.

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